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Fred E
United States
Looks like I haven't felt very journalistic for almost 1 1/2 years.
I'll be thinking about that.
I guess.
Probably it will be to little effect that I think about it either way.
Face it, there's nothing on the internet that wasn't on the television before 8it.

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GraphicLia Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Cheerleading squad by CookiemagiK  Happy Birthday and Best Wishes Fred!
TsarveK Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2014
and, what did you use  to produce these lovely Deviations?  can it be animated?
TsarveK Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2014
Hi Fred, I am finally back  again, lots happened, Wife passed, Dad passed,  but doing much better now. 
I have just up graded my comp again and went to look at the new Apo7x and after i got it set up I noticed that there was no Script button.  Did it get removed, or hidden?  If you don't know, can you direct me to someone that would.  If i remember right 7Xb was the last to correctly run Your Animator, was it not? Do you know where I might find it?

morphapoph Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2014
You've got it, *7X-B* is the last Apo *7X* version I use myself because beyond that the *7X* versions present problems that I have found no way to correct.
I'm not sure about *D* but I know *7X-C* still has the scripter and scripts will work.
The main problem I encountered with scripts in the *7X* versions after *B* is my habit of making fancy Input dialogs with lots of choices.  For some reason the input box doesn't collapse it just gets longer (... it's like there is no "line feed" happening where there should be).

I do remember Georg trying to get that resolved...
THE glitch began when a new version of the scripter engine was used in the 7X-C update.  There were a couple of other problems I never got around too mentioning because the animator script is just not workable beyond 7X-B.
Anyway, Apo 7X itself, in v16 I think has moved beyond my ability to do code for special features that have been added since 15.  So I didn't care much about the scripter going bye bye and it seemed to be a hassle for George so if it's easier for him then that's a good thing.
He did write somewhere around here that he tried to contact the people who distribute scripter "engine" software about the problem but was (well, obviously) unable to resolve the problem.
Hey... I can still run the script if I want ^!^, so that's my good thing.  I never intended to do anything like it so it was all a pleasant surprise to me that it even happened and I was fortunate after all to be able to fit in just at the right time that it was interesting to a few other people like you!!

Puff.... I guess I'm feeling kinda longwinded at the moment.
One last thing is you ask in a subsequent note is What I used to make some deviations but you didn't say which images.  I have to assume you mean the Mandelbulb stuff which I do with the Mandlebulb3D v1.89 program.
I think you're able to recognize FE and Apo images.
There should be a direct download link for Mandelbulb3D program in the description of at least a few of those "M3D" images I've uploaded here in my gallery. 

Sorry, no emoticon, gotta go.
HTH, (:() sorry (:() to hear people important to you have passed.
boot-cheese-3000 Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2014
Happy Birthday Sifu Freddy!!!!!:iconhappybirthdaysignplz::iconbirthdaycakeplz::party::airborne::dance::boogie:

How have you been lately? Haven't spoken to you in quite awhile...........
morphapoph Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2014
Hey F^^k(pg) dude! I've been unhappily glad.
Hearing from you is definitely on the glad side...
& U?
Telly me what the complementary side of the Sifu thing is so I could adjust the way I address you, could you, would u, Messr. B-C3000?
Sheez... they're "Drawings" now not "Emoticons" so I'm lost again and can't add a tweaky cute little animation.  Or don't want to try and figure it out with my CPU churning at 100%, making fractals in the background.
Thanks 2 much for checking by & 4 the thoughtful wishes...
did you measure? I am now 2^6 =
...Yay, I made it to "when I"m 64"!
boot-cheese-3000 Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2014
:lmao: Don't tell me you were listening to that song on your birthday. Is this what I gotta look forward to "When I'm 64"?

So you're still working on fractals? GOOD. I wasn't sure if you were or on some more scripts or what. I haven't animated anything since Dec and have been craving to. I've been doing a little more drawing, trying to squeeze that in so that's a good thing. You switched over to the 3D fractal side if I'm not mistaken........

......oh yeah, I've been planning a trip to the Amazon in a few weeks. All I need is a few hundred more for the Center I'm headed to and I'm good, I already got my plane ticket booked and my passport came Mon in the mail. I'm really excited about this trip.
morphapoph Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2014
Nah I wasn't listening to the song . Thinking about it was unavoidable for me though.
I's kinda like reaching a "milestone" though having first heard the song so long ago and being unable to imagine what the heck 64 would be like even if I did try.  The song itself is speculative, done by young people & (originally, probably) intended for young people.
So I mean, yeah, yeah, yeah, I couldn't help but think of the tune - & it's not uncommon for me to think of a whole variety of the "fab four's" songs often enough anyway.
Have you abandoned the artists you once listened to in earlier times?

I did put a few M3D creations up to my gallery in the 2014 folder.  The 3D should be visible but I think I forgot to note the Mandelbulb3D software in some of them.
The images aren't hard to upload - choosing them is and I don't really like making explanations but I sometimes feel a need or compulsion to do that.
I haven't had a mind to do scripts lately.  I may try to work with Apo again in a few weeks.  I have to use another computer for that and I wanted to keep that system off for a month to see how much it was contributing to my utility bill.   It does seem to be the main energy hog, because when it's on it's rendering fractals a lot of the time, and the CPU (core i7-920) alone is gobbling up 130 watts.

wowza 4 yuza...
Anticipating a trip to a faraway place would get a person going I guess.  I would get the butterfly belly experience when I would anticipate traveling.  Sometimes the butterflies gnawed more instantaneously when I would throw some clothes in a backpack, & get up and go.
Different kind of butterfly from the others I guess, because the latter had a lot more energy than those that experienced slowly escalating energy growth while I waited for some anticipated trip to happen.

Someone was applying for a passport in the PO when I was there the other day.  Seemed like it was a difficult process.

I never had a need 'cause I only once traveled outside USoA, but that was to Canada when I was a little kid in the '50s as part of a week-long vacation.... A passport wasn't necessary.  I only remember Niagara Falls from the Canadian side - oh, and some of the Erie Canal.  We came back in through Motor City, hehheh.  Probably we had to be in a 1956 or 77 Plymouth ("Belvedere"?) with long-tall-thin-tail-fins.
It was green with large white areas.  The pattern was more or less standard for the model and there were only a few primary colors if I remember.  The neighbor had one just like it, but red rather than green for the main color.
A big feature at the time was "white wall tires".  Somewhere around 2+ inches of white if there's any accuracy to my memory of them.

Have a good adventure. :)
Haha: send me an ePostcard.
On second thought, maybe not - even some of those electronic "greeting cards" can be awfully aggressive once they've got your number(s).

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Sternenmaschinebine Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2014
Hello Fred,
Happy Birthday and the best wishes.


morphapoph Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2014
Hello Bine,
Thank you for your best wishes to me.
Google translate tells me that your user name means:
Stars turbine engine

Wow~  I took a peek at your Profile and wow2, that is some array of equipment in your photo. 
I was garage band kid & my amplifier had only volume, bass and treble controls.  :laughing: I never got beyond that stage.

When my CPU is not cranked^max I will try to remember to look at some of your animations.  I like animations, but I care not much for cartoonies.
Then again, the very old lightshows at one time used cartoons sometimes in the collage of stuff they projected onto the screens behind the bands.  The light show part of concerts in those times did a kind of layering of projected media of all sorts.  In later decades when the lights went all laser/ballistic, I found myself being more repelled away from, rather than attracted to, ummmm, concerts.
otoh, it's concert costs too, that I wouldn't want to pay if even I had the bucks. The first concert I went to cost 2 1/2 "yankee dollars", maybe only 2.
I heard earlier today that the cost of admission for a musical festival happening these days is around 100 times what I paid to see my first auditorium concert!
While it's true that festivals are usually two or three days of music compared to the few hours at a "dance hall", we used to get, from time to time, some of the most primo music in certain parks when there were still butterflies and bees and other flying things that seem not to be so frequently seen any more.  And though it would have cost the presenters "a pretty penny", none of the odd, awed audience had to pay a single dime.

wah! I'm old stuff, you know,
wah! ...sorta like, this old is how old:
":peace: & :love:",
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