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Fred E
United States
A new version of Apophymator is ready for downloading here:…
Usage is essentially unchanged from the previous version.  
An example of different animations made using the same keyframes can be downloaded here:…
I feel so awful that work on the script was delayed over and over last year.

Personal plea:
My flesh and bone life has been and continues to be complicated in so many ways since at least 2 years ago.
If there are any Deviant personal injury lawyers that can help a poor old fellow out, my gratitude would be immeasurable.
From all the reading about laws I've been through it appears I have more than enough cause to bring the problems I face to a court to judge.  (But legal systems are intensely complex, so I do not have any way to know without professional help.)
I want little more than to remove myself from this house- (actually apartment-) of-horrors that once was a comfortable home for me.  I feel that there are negligent and injurious parties who should bear the cost for me to move... yet, I know... doesn't everyone who feels wronged think that others are at fault and should make up for the suffering they've caused?
I also however, have a fairly good idea of what is suspicion, what is allegation, and what is fact.  I think.
I know I have done no wrong to anyone myself - I have been an excellent tenant for over 12 1/2 years.  A former owner said she would back me up on that.  Problems only began recently when a particular tenant moved in above me 3 years ago.
I have many photos to confirm most of the wrongs I would contend they have caused me.
Anyway... I am unable to get assistance locally, from various gov. agencies, or from legal aid services.
It could be I'm merely going about this in the wrong way.  I don't know, I've never been faced with a situation like this before.
I do very well know that the situation is consuming me piece by piece.  After exhausting attempts to rest in this foreboding environment, my thoughts are deluged with the problem the moment I awaken.  My heart feels like an orange battered with a 2 x4.
I could go on indefinitely... :(
I figure the chance is about 1 in thousands of thousands, but if there be some attorney who knows California law well, specifically landlord-tenant law, and who's got a heart of gold, a note asking to find out more about my predicament would be appreciated beyond expression.  (Edit: added photo depicting a few moments of what I face here:… and here:… )
If I did not have fractals and my script to plunge my mind into, I'd have been in the (not funny at all) "funny farm" many months ago.

I hope other deviants who may pass through this journal would forgive this plea of desperation, download the Apophymator script, and give it a spin.  I wish any who do so would derive some beneficial pleasure and enjoyment from making flame animations. :)

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boot-cheese-3000 Featured By Owner 15 hours ago
Happy Birthday Sifu Freddy!!!!!:iconhappybirthdaysignplz::iconbirthdaycakeplz::party::airborne::dance::boogie:

How have you been lately? Haven't spoken to you in quite awhile...........
Sternenmaschinebine Featured By Owner 19 hours ago
Hello Fred,
Happy Birthday and the best wishes.


GraphicLia Featured By Owner 20 hours ago
Cherry Cream Roll by xz3r0bugx HappyBday by KmyGraphicWishing you all the Best Fred! Happy Birthday!!
Vular Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2014
Hi i am running apothysis7x on a mac via Wine and  Winebottler. I run your script and it works but I cannot find where the animation frames are being saved to. Where can I change the path where Apophymator saves them? Thank you I would really love to see thus final product. : )
morphapoph Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2014
You know first you have to set the script up to "render" to produce the frames.
To do that you need to select choice "e" on the first dialog.  \
When the dialog box corresponding to that choice subsequently appears, choose "2" for "Render".

You also need to adjust the rendering settings.  There is a dialog box you will see eventually titled: "Rendering Settings".  The easiest thing to do is to put a 0 (zero) in that box so you can at least look at the default settings and adjust them if you like. They are not any different from the settings you see when rendering a single image with Apo.

Before that dialog finishes a plain vanilla Windows "Save" dialog box appears and this is where you assign the folder (or "directory") for the frame images.  It's a piece of cake once you figure it out.  I had to do all kinds of improvising even to get this much to work.

If you cannot find any images you *think* you rendered, I can only suggest using your computer's search function to try and find them.  You may be stuck for a search term though.  What you can do is go to your Apophysis folder and look for a file named "Amator-12a-Settings.param".  That file will open with Notepad or any text editor.  In the section labeled [Render Choices] there is a line that looks something like this:


Search for the term to the right of the equal sign (=) because that's the name your rendered images will start with.  (The name also includes the frame number appended to the end of that prefix.)

By default I think the script is supposed to render to the Apo folder, but I don't know how or if that works on systems running anything beyond XP.  I especially do not know anything at all about running Apo on Wine on an Apple.  It could be that Apo will run but my script won't.  There's also a third party app named "Scripter Studio" embedded in Apo that handles all the script work and that could be a problem on non-Windows machines.

rattyredemption Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2014
hi morphapoph,

in case you haven't seen them yet, i finally uploaded the first of the fully rendered animations, including the static fractal images from your work.

i'm taking a few more days break to work on my video games project, then i intend to start using apo, and of course would appreciate any help if you're available at the time.
morphapoph Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2014
Ratty dude, I think this is choice man!  I am amazed and I think what you've done is amazing even though I am a little involved with your project.  I think you deserve all of the credit - it looks to me as though you could do what you've done with all kinds of people's work and they would really enjoy seeing what you could do with it.
I hope your video game turned out (or is working out) to your satisfaction.
I think you really have something happening with your animating and I hope you follow that interest as far as yu can go with it.
Fred E. your friend.
rattyredemption Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2014
hi morphapoph, thanks very much my friend, that's really good to hear.

it's been several years since i last collaborated with another artist, so it's comforting to know this so far is working out for both of us.

and it's also given me the confidence to consider approaching another fractal artist here on da. who i think might be interested in some of her work being combined with mine. there will still be lots you and i can do in the future.

the last i heard, smooothe is still hoping to work with me, but his health and real life commitments have been preventing him so far, but he's more interested in the blender side.

eventually it would be cool to have a small collective of people who help me with the art. i'm sure the trance musician has several people his end helping him from time to time.

re the indie video game project, thanks man. and it's in the pre-production stage, so will likely take me years to finish.

i am intending to work on that alongside my music video project. i have no intention of giving either up, and the tech and art i learn from either project can help the other.
morphapoph Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2014
Hi Ratty,

Yeah I'm glad you work at a slower pace like I do.
Maybe with the other artist, it will just happen out of the blue lik3 you & I & smooothe.
& I know what you mean about ordinary life butting in a lot lately.
Have you checked out any of the fractal or other group interest collectives around deviantArt (that is, "here")?
I'm a member here although I haven't shared many images t0 the group:
and another one I'm a member of and same story, not many of my images shared:

{I need a proprietor [or 2 or 3] for my images (teehee).}...

Good to hear from you.  I'll be around, now and then anyway... I never know.
C ya, for now...
(1 Reply)
TsarveK Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2014
from the  last correspondence about orient.  Da      would not allow it as a response.  thanks for your concern.

<3d frn2>
<flame name="Flame1178794309" time="0" size="756 604" center="-1.49433981662861 1.42892308010816" scale="182.891349386767" zoom="0" oversample="1" filter="0.5" quality="50" batches="1" background="0 0 0" brightness="50" gamma="4" vibrancy="1" >
  <xform orient="0" weight="0.333" color="0" symmetry="0" linear="1.00" coefs="0.654009 0.12359 -0.429759 0.813243 -0.794457 0.330547"/>
  <xform orient="1" weight="0.333" color="0.5" symmetry="0" linear="1.00" coefs="0.051807 0.202233 -0.202233 0.051807 -0.154472 0.261963"/>
  <xform orient="0" weight="0.333" color="1" symmetry="0" linear="1.00" coefs="0.696655 -0.334511 0.334511 0.696655 -0.583927 0.106602"/>
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